According to the development strategy of Anhui Electric, relying on the development, operation strength and brand influence formed by the group company in the field of cultural tourism, through strengthening cooperation with all walks of life, adopting cooperation in various ways such as investment, acquisition, merger, joint venture and cooperation, etc., to seek the best combination point between cultural tourism investment and economic objectives, create high-quality and high-quality cultural tourism projects, and achieve the goal of cultural tourism To promote the healthy development of tourism projects.

Shanghai miracle Garden    
Shanghai miracle garden is located in Pujiang country park, Minhang District, Shanghai, covering an area of 43 hectares. The project is close to Metro Line 8, with convenient transportation. The scenic spot is built according to the national 4A scenic spot standard.
Miracle garden is not only a grand gathering of flower art in the world, but also an immersion cultural performance of international standard and various art exhibition activities. The parent-child and popular science education sector cooperated with MIT Laboratory of the United States and Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build China's first intelligent parent-child science popularization Park, and developed and innovated a series of popular science education courses that meet the needs of Chinese children.
Yangzhou Marco Polo flower world    
Yangzhou Marco Polo flower world is located in the Central Park of liaojiagou, a new ecological city in Yangzhou. According to the long and narrow island terrain characteristics of the site, combined with the main story line of Marco Polo's journey to the East, three theme chapters of dream Europe, magic East and Heaven East are planned and constructed.
Marco Polo flower world is the world's first "culture + flowers" theme park. With Marco Polo's legendary journey to the East as the main line, the park was designed and jointly created by Irish cartoon saloon animation, French Little Prince film team amiko, Dutch national treasure flower master niek roozen and European children's amusement education experts.
Small town with ethnic characteristics:    
  The small town with ethnic characteristics will gather 56 Chinese ethnic residential buildings, folk arts, local customs, food culture and local products. Through holding various folk festivals, folk songs and dances, and various summit forums, visitors can experience the rich diversity of Chinese culture. At the same time, we should expand the vertical value chain, combine food, housing, transportation, tourism, shopping, entertainment, business, maintenance, learning, leisure, emotion, and novelty, so that the pan tourism industry chain + green energy-saving industry chain such as exhibition, investment promotion, film and television, media, research and study, home care, academic exchange, real estate and other pan tourism industry chain + green energy-saving industry chain will be integrated to form the pillar industry of characteristic town.


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